PROBLEM: The first DIY project at The Sky Gallery was to bury the 90s frosted glass and sea-foam green wall reminiscent of aged florida, aka. leather-wrinkled Lincoln drivers.

IDEATION: Repainting the wall was a certainty, as there was plenty of natural light and any color would be better than bland, muted seafoam.  After considering replacing the glass cabinets with the same wood, I figured why not make do (unadaptive reuse), get my Mick Jagger on, and “Paint it Black”.

    SOLUTION: A couple coats of semi-gloss black, on the inside of the cabinet, resulted in a black reflective and surprisingly clean finish.  *Note: my favorite moment on a paint project/stencil art/surfboard ding repair is when I remove the masking tape and prep work, to reveal the final result for the first time: Christmas Morning!

RESULT: Installation (and painting the adjacent wall a similar semi-gloss black) resulted in higher contrast and gave the wood cabinetry, stainless, and granite a richer material depth and definitive pop.

Thanks for viewing,

Tyler Elick