The best way to refine your thinking is writing.  I will incorporate both original thought, observation and theory; as well as curating (aka stealing) 3rd party videos, articles, and ideas to share.

In contrary to all successful blog creation, recommendation, and promotion: my target audience is myself.  If I’m not interested in my writing, why would anyone else ever be?


Per the above and for advertising, joint venture and exploitation purposes my 2013 reader demographic is projected to be:

Readers                                        1

Humor                                          Playful Satire / Optimistic Sarcasm / Irony

Age Range                                   28.75 – 29.75 years old

Male / Female                           100% / 0%

Location                                      Undecided

Education Level                         Masters

Median HHI                               One Hundred Trillion+  Zimbabwean Dollars *2009 Rate

Professional/Managerial       On Occasion


The topics I am looking to explore are:

• Life = Practical Philosophy

• Design = Aesthetic Quality

• Business = Economic Purpose