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Lief Hospitality – Vision Book

Lief Hospitality believes in real service. We curate local art, community, and technology to cultivate an inclusive environment and genuine experience for our beloved guests.


A sample of the Lief Hospitality vision book is below.  The full book is after the jump…


Lief Hospitality - Brand Vision Book #lifestyle

Lief Hospitality – Brand Vision Book #lifestyle

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Hotels as a Cultural Platform

Starbucks beat us to it.  We all need a third place where we don’t have the duties of an office and the responsibilities of being home.  A place to congregate, to meet, to socialize.  In the UK these are pubs, in American suburbs these are country clubs, and in metropolitan centers these are cafes, streets corners or plazas.  Why is it seemingly rare for hotels to be this third place?  Why should a hotel’s audience be limited to travelers, who are then pointed out the door by a concierge for an authentic culture experience?

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